• Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

    Avoid losing your time, money, and sanity.

  • Monetize your craft

    Gain clarity and find solutions.

  • Grow your business

    Establish operations and procedures.

9-5 Holding you back?

Job security is too important

You have a great side business, attracted some good clients, and/or built a strong social media presence but it's still not enough to quit your day job. Yet, you dream of the day you could.

Don't know what to sell?

Can't choose just one thing

Everyone says to choose a niche but you either don't know how or fear missing out on opportunities to sell your products or services. You need to create something in-demand and profitable now.

Can't find good clients?

Not sure what is being done wrong

You are following all the rules and It's still been tough to attract the right clients. Then when you do get hired they want a price break. But you can no longer afford to give bargain prices.

Burning out?

Passion is no longer enough

You love what you do but working around the clock with no results is discouraging. You don't want to give up but you are running out of options and resources. It's time for a change and you need help.

Strategic planning services for dreamers and doers.

Ready to make an idea come to life and grow a business without losing your time, money or sanity?

At Kandula International we develop strategies that equip you for success. We work with you to develop a competitive advantage by combining purpose with profits. This includes assessing your business goals, as well as, your existing resources to customize a growth plan that helps you develop a profitable business you love.

There are no cookie-cutter models or theories because we know every entrepreneur can't be made to fit in a box. In addition, you can count on us to equip you with free tools and resources to let you maintain your business growth without being co-dependent on us. It's not that we don't like you or want to get rid of you. It's that we respect you and value your time and money.

If you are truly ready to build up your business, take a look at some of our affordable service packages curated to help you get started.

Blog Posts

Death, grief, and its impact on your small business.

Have you prepared your business to handle the impact of someone’s death? Not just yours or a valued partner or employee. But that of someone you love? Death isn’t a comfortable topic to talk about and it’s something very few prepare for in advance. In this blog, I talk about

5 Website Design Goals to Set for 2019

It’s the end of the year and goal setting is on everyone’s mind (smart goals, reaching your goals faster, and how to avoid mistakes). So I started to think about the struggles my clients had in common this year and the goals we had to set to grow their business.

5 Must Have Gifts for Entrepreneurs

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We Create Strategies That Work!

Corporate + Nonprofit Experience

Our work isn't based on theories. We have walked in your shoes and worked through the challenges or opportunities you and your business are facing now.

Innovative Solutions


Our analytical and creative skills coupled with our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to deliver results that grow your business.

Flexible Schedule

Your dime your time

Our business does not revolve around the standard 9 to 5 hours because we know your schedule requires more flexibility. You can count on us to meet your scheduling needs.

Cultural Awareness

Respect + Value + Trust

We strive for excellence! Our international experience makes it possible to build a rapport, avoid miscommunication, improve efficiency, empower teams, and better understand your needs and challenges.