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Roxana Colorado

Developing changemakers to build a future that delivers inclusion, sustainability, and growth!

Meet Roxana, an amazing strategist with a powerful mission! She’s working to create a global economic impact. It all starts with her strategic planning services.

Roxana has over 10 years of global corporate and nonprofit experience. She now leverages her skills to improve social and economic issues. Her innovative methods

  • benefit business executives
  • boosts bottom-line results for businesses
  • and improves local communities

Roxana also establishes key partnerships to provide clients with access to much-needed resources. Local and national USA partnerships include:

  • Small Business Development Center
  • Freelancers Union
  • Rising Tide Capital
  • IRS

This has been instrumental in developing sustainable solutions in any industry.

Learn more about Roxana’s career via Linkedin.

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Victor Pacheco

The Community-Strengthening, Job-Creating Cybersecurity Solutions Provider

Victor is the great new 2023 addition to the team. He is a cybersecurity engineer passionate about protecting businesses from cyber threats.

Victor is proud to join Kandula International to fulfill a special mission in 2023. Rescue 100 businesses from cybersecurity issues. Every business should have access to cyber defense systems tailored to their needs.

Victor’s experience with organizations of all sizes includes:

  • leading and training international IT security teams,
  • managing secure networks,
  • designing secure system architectures, and
  • ensuring compliance standards

Victor’s arrival comes at a crucial time for business executives. Cybersecurity issues are rising and impacting businesses on a global level. Victor’s expertise will play a critical role in making a real impact. Giving businesses peace of mind and ensuring their operations run smoothly.

Learn more about Victor’s career via Linkedin.

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