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  • Sonya Smith
  • Potty Training School
  • James Duffy
  • Dr. Amber Gunner
  • Jasmine Castillo
  • Dr. Kayla Perez
  • Miriam Colon
“Roxana led the center through a great transformation and assisted with providing many tools and synergy that will last, in such a short time.”Sonya Smith
NY SBDC State Director
“Roxana is an absolute pleasure to work with. Roxana is highly professional, super organized, extremely considerate, and an absolute pro at business development. Within one month of working with Roxana, my business doubled in size. I have learned plenty working with Roxana as she is definitely one of my favorite people to work with-thoroughly recommended.” Melissa Adam
Potty Training School
“I just received a comprehensive and laser-targeted action plan. I purchased social media strategies from a few talents and they all did great jobs, but Roxana is heads and shoulders above the rest. There are many options in the social media field, and if you’re trying to choose between two or twenty, look no further than Roxana. She did an incredibly deep dive into every conceivable component with real, actionable steps. She did her research! Thank you so much!”James Duffy
Producer – Documentaries
“I’m beyond grateful to be working with Roxana. Her expertise and open-minded personality created an environment for me to feel supported. She was very thorough and made sure I understood every step of my action plan and the next steps needed to achieve my goal. Highly recommend!”Dr. Amber Gunner
“Working with Roxana I’ve learned a lot about myself, to expand on my purpose and how to execute without falling into huge piles of debt.”Jasmine Castillo
Event Producer
“If you want to be successful and have a tailored target plan for your business, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Roxana! She has many connections, resources, is super organized, and really understands the foundations for success. Will definitely keep working with her!”Dr. Kayla Perez
Dental Surgery
“Roxana is an objective professional who takes the time to understand your needs and develops solutions to improve things that aren’t working. She is a great collaborator who positions your team to work together and efficiently complete goals.”Miriam Colon
Brooklyn SBDC Director
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