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I’m excited to welcome you to Kandula International, LLC – a strategic planning company designed with you in mind. Dedicated to sparing you from losing your time, money, or sanity during the business development process. 

GPS (Growth Profit Strategy) 

My GPS team and I navigate you (fellow social entrepreneurs) through the challenges of building a profitable business. A business that equips you to make a difference in your community. 

Profit + Purpose = Success 

We build you up so that you can build up others. “CEOs of the future will want their companies to be recognized as forces for good.” – Antonio Zappulla, CEO Designate, Thomson Reuters Foundation

“I did as much as I could on the website and wanted you to know that once I published my changes my phone has been ringing off the hook. I have gotten 2 sign ups and 6 phone calls. Thanks you so much for your help.”
regarding Potty Training School in Florida 
Melissa Adam
Business Owner

Why I do it

Everyone deserves an opportunity to do something great.

Most people want to do big things. But many don’t know where to start.

My siblings and I are perfect examples of what one can accomplish when given the opportunity to do so. We are the result of one stranger’s act of kindness (learn more in a recent Upworthy article written about my experience).   

It took a complete stranger believing in my mother and sharing their knowledge with her to lead our entire family to success. Our achievements inspired us to pay it forward. Leading my younger brother and I to impact the lives of almost 5,000 children around the world (specifically the USA, Africa, South America, and most recently the Dominican Republic).

My continuous desire to pay it forward led me to become a volunteer, Chair President of a Fortune 500 corporate social responsibility department, advocate/sponsor for other causes, and founder of a New York City based nonprofit, Dare2B, Inc. Yet, this was not enough. I wanted to do more. I kept asking myself, “How can I possibly make a bigger impact?”.

That’s when it hit me! If I really want to make a significant impact around the world and go beyond my reach, I need to empower others to do good. That starts with sharing knowledge to help YOU succeed.

You can now leverage my international corporate experience and strong network to build a competitive advantage for your business.

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Spare yourself from losing your time, money or sanity. 

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