Case Study

Dr. Amber Gunner

Revitalizing Personal Branding and Business Strategy for Corporate Engagement

Discover how Kandula International transformed Dr. Amber Gunner’s approach, shifting her focus from individual moms to corporate clients seeking work-life balance solutions. Through strategic insights and comprehensive branding, Dr. Gunner emerged as a sought-after Balance Strategist and Workforce Engagement Consultant, achieving rapid revenue growth and industry recognition. This case study illustrates the power of strategic alignment and targeted interventions in reshaping professional narratives and enhancing market impact.


Perceived Issues

Dr. Amber Gunner, a dedicated advocate for meditation and self-care, offered workshops but faced challenges in reaching individual moms and gaining traction for her services, despite her passion and expertise. Initially, she believed that improving communication targeted toward moms would solve the issue, but she soon realized she had much more to offer.

Actual Challenge Identified

Realigning Audience and Offerings

A deeper analysis revealed a misalignment in the target audience and service offerings.

Through our Growth Profit Strategy (GPS) assessment, we identified that Dr. Gunner’s true value lay in addressing corporate needs for work-life balance solutions rather than individual consumer engagement.

Project Blueprint

Strategic Approach and Implementation

Project Objectives

  • Develop a new brand identity tailored for corporate engagement.
  • Establish operational procedures and client onboarding strategies.
  • Train Dr. Gunner to implement effective marketing and sales strategies.

Solutions Implemented

Based on our Growth Profit Strategy (GPS) assessment, Kandula International executed a tailored strategy to elevate Dr. Amber Gunner’s brand and business approach.

  • Created a comprehensive brandbook, including logo design and visual identity.
  • Developed a compelling sales pitch and communication materials tailored for corporate clients.
  • Designed and launched a professional website showcasing Dr. Gunner’s services. Compare to the original website.
  • Developed a social media strategy and calendar with content templates for multi-platform engagement.
  • Provided styling sessions to elevate Dr. Gunner’s professional image, enhancing her credibility, authority, and presence.
  • Conducted lifestyle photography sessions for content creation.
  • Collaborated with Dr. Gunner to host a pre-launch program to identify areas of improvement and strategic adjustments needed before full-scale implementation.
  • Developed a robust workshop curriculum tailored to corporate needs, enhancing Dr. Gunner’s service offerings and client engagement.

Tools and Technologies Used

WordPress for website development, various design tools for visual and graphic design, social media management tools for strategic content engagement. analytics tools for industry, market, and operations assessments.

Results Achieved

Project Outcomes and Reviews

Dr. Amber Gunner now thrives as a Balance Strategist and Workforce Engagement Consultant, empowering organizations to achieve optimal work-life balance and productivity.


  • Immediate Success: Dr. Gunner exceeded projected earnings from her initial corporate engagements, achieving three times the expected revenue in her first session.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and clarified messaging freed up valuable time for Dr. Gunner to focus on client engagement and strategic growth.
  • Strong Brand Presence: Clear and impactful branding established Dr. Gunner as a recognized authority in work-life balance solutions for corporate environments.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Formed alliances with key corporate clients, solidifying Dr. Gunner’s position as a sought-after consultant in workforce engagement and balance strategies.

Key Accomplishments

  • Rapid ROI! Dr. Gunner quickly recouped her initial investment in brand development, seeing tangible returns within just four months.
  • Expanded client base beyond initial projections, with ongoing engagements and referrals from satisfied corporate partners.
  • Invited to speak at industry conferences and featured in publications for her expertise in work-life balance solutions.
  • Employee satisfaction. Improved employee morale in client organizations through innovative balance strategies.

Client Testimonial

“Kandula International has been instrumental in transforming my approach and presence in the corporate world. Their strategic insights and meticulous execution not only elevated my brand but also aligned my services with the exact needs of corporate clients. Thanks to their expertise, I’ve seen incredible growth and recognition in a very short time. Working with Kandula International was a pivotal decision for my business.” – Dr. Amber Gunner

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