Case Study

Elite Facilities Solutions

Building a Strong Brand Presence for Rapid Growth

Discover how Kandula International partnered with Elite Facilities Solutions to establish a robust brand identity, secure major client contracts, and enable the investor to successfully exit with profits in record time. Our comprehensive approach transformed their initial need for a simple landing page into a full-scale brand build-out, positioning them as a leader in the competitive facilities management industry.


Perceived Issues

Initially, the founding investor sought a simple website landing page to provide basic company information for client outreach, overlooking the necessity of a robust brand presence.

Actual Challenge Identified

Securing Industry Leadership

Upon conducting our Growth Profit Strategy (GPS) assessment and speaking with the operations manager, it became clear that the business needed a robust brand build-out to differentiate itself in the competitive market and attract high-level clients. Timeliness was crucial as they had promising client leads waiting. Additionally, they aimed to enhance community engagement through branded promotional materials and well-designed staff uniforms.

Additionally, defining their scope of services was crucial to identifying profitable offerings and effectively communicating value to their target audience.

Project Blueprint

Strategic Approach and Implementation

Project Objectives

  • Develop a distinctive brand identity that resonate with high-level corporate clients and the broader community.
  • Streamline service offerings to identify the most profitable and impactful services, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Position the business to secure contracts with major industry players, including fast food chains and corporate clients.
  • Create a brand presence that supports community engagement initiatives.

Solutions Implemented

  • Facilitated partnership development to align partners’ business goals and operational strategies.
  • Crafted comprehensive brand guidelines incorporating the design of a distinctive logo and identity.
  • Developed a robust, industry-standard website that redefined their online presence and showcased their services effectively.
  • Created a promotional video highlighting services for the website homepage.
  • Designed branded business cards, merchandise, and uniforms to enhance onsite presence and community engagement.

Tools and Technologies Used

WordPress for website design, video editing software, design tools for branded merchandise, and industry research tools.

Results Achieved

Project Outcomes and Reviews


  • Clearly defined services led to better articulation of value propositions to client leads.
  • Successfully secured contracts with two major fast-food chains, highlighting our effective client acquisition strategy and bolstering brand credibility.
  • Met industry-specific requirements on their website, enhancing credibility and trust among stakeholders.

Key Accomplishments

Within 7 months of launching the business, the investor successfully exited with increased business value, driven by strengthened brand equity and operational efficiency.

Client Testimonial

“Kandula International’s strategic approach propelled our startup to industry leadership. Their meticulous attention to detail, profound understanding of our sector’s intricacies, and branding expertise were pivotal in securing major client contracts and solidifying our community presence.” – Investor, Elite Facilities Solutions

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