Case Study

SBDC Hillsborough

Event Branding and Sponsorship Success

Discover how Kandula International empowered the SBDC Florida to host a landmark event for 200 businesswomen in Tampa by providing essential branding and sponsorship development. Our tailored solutions not only secured vital funding but also enhanced event visibility and participant engagement, leaving a lasting impact on the local community.


Perceived Issues

SBDC Florida aimed to host a significant event for 200 business women in Tampa, requiring a robust sponsor packet to secure necessary funding.

Actual Challenge Identified

Strategic Event Branding

During our initial assessment, we identified a broader need beyond sponsorship materials: comprehensive event branding was essential to enhance attendee engagement and overall impact.

Project Blueprint

Strategic Approach and Implementation

Project Objectives

  • Enhance event branding to create a memorable and impactful experience for 200 business women in Tampa.
  • Develop compelling sponsorship materials to secure over $30,000 in funding from banks and organizations.

Solutions Implemented

Crafted and implemented a cohesive event branding strategy aimed at engaging sponsors, captivating attendees, and reinforcing the event’s central message.

  • Developed brand colors, logo, and promotional language to establish an event identity.
  • Designed social media graphics and promotional content to enhance event visibility and encourage attendee engagement.
  • Developed a sponsor packet tailored to attract funding from banks and organizations.
  • Created a commemorative program book for attendees to cherish as a keepsake.

Tools and Technologies Used

Utilized graphic design tools for logo creation, branding, and program book development, alongside task management tools to ensure all deliverables were completed on schedule.

Results Achieved

Project Outcomes and Reviews


The strategic implementation of our comprehensive event branding approach yielded significant results:

  • Successfully secured over $30,000 in funding from various sponsors and organizations.
  • Facilitated recruitment of event volunteers, ensuring smooth execution and support during the event.
  • Communication materials played a pivotal role in fostering strong partnerships with stakeholders and sponsors, enhancing the event’s credibility and reach.

Key Accomplishments

Kandula International and the entire event committee were honored with a proclamation by Gwen Myers, District 3 County Commissioner of Hillsborough County, recognizing them as local pioneers in the women’s movement during Women’s History Month, inspiring future generations of women.

Client Testimonial

“Kandula International’s exceptional leadership and strategic contributions were instrumental in our event’s success. Their dedication to empowering women through effective branding and sponsorship strategies left a lasting impact, recognized by Commissioner Gwen Myers as a milestone in our community’s journey towards gender equality.” – Event Committee Member