Case Study

SBDC New York

Transforming Operations for Enhanced Client Experience and Efficiency

Upon assessment, it became evident that operational inefficiencies were hindering client satisfaction and staff productivity. The organization needed to revamp its operations to improve the client experience before scaling up marketing efforts. Some team members were overwhelmed with workload, leading to uneven work distribution and delayed reporting.


Perceived Issues

SBDC Brooklyn sought assistance in boosting digital marketing efforts to raise awareness and attract more clients. However, operational inefficiencies and uneven workloads among staff members were identified as significant barriers.

Actual Challenge Identified

Operational Revamp

Our assessment uncovered the need for operational improvements to support increased client intake and improve staff productivity. Issues included workload disparities, reporting delays, and limited outreach capabilities due to overwhelming workloads.

Project Blueprint

Strategic Approach and Implementation

Project Objectives

  • Enhance client experience and satisfaction.
  • Increase staff productivity and workload balance.
  • Strengthen partnerships and outreach capabilities.

Solutions Implemented

A series of strategic solutions were implemented at SBDC New York’s Brooklyn center to address operational challenges and enhance client experience.

  • Introduced time management strategies to optimize workload distribution.
  • Revamped operational processes to reduce advisor workload and streamline client interactions.
  • Developed a new intake process for efficient client onboarding.
  • Created educational onboarding presentations and client resources for standardized service delivery.
  • Implemented a CRA presentation to expand partnerships with banks.
  • Established new partnerships for cross-promotion and increased client intake.
  • Co-hosted events to connect business owners with freelancers and expand service reach.
  • Designed sponsor packets, event marketing materials, and social media templates.
  • Provided leadership and staff development focused on team work and operational efficiency.
  • Developed processes to attract guest speakers and enhance outreach capabilities.

Tools and Technologies Used

Utilized project management tools, CRM software for client management, graphic design software for marketing materials, and analytics tools for performance tracking.

Results Achieved

Project Outcomes and Reviews


  • Increased staff productivity by almost 40% through streamlined operations.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and standardized service delivery.
  • Improved client filtering processes, allowing the center to serve a broader range of clients efficiently.
  • Secured an event sponsor to enhance the event’s impact and outreach.
  • Created a structured approach to client counseling, optimizing time management and prioritization.
  • Implemented leadership and staff development programs to enhance team capabilities.

Key Accomplishments

  • Successfully revamped operations to support scalable growth without compromising service quality.
  • Facilitated meaningful connections between business owners and freelancers, fostering community engagement and resource sharing.

Client Testimonial

“Kandula International’s strategic guidance transformed our operations, enabling us to serve more clients effectively while improving staff productivity. Their comprehensive approach exceeded our expectations and delivered tangible results.”
– Miriam Colon, Director, SBDC New York, Brooklyn Center