Strategic planning services for dreamers and doers.

Ready to make your idea come to life and grow a business without losing your time, money or sanity?

At Kandula International we strategically equip you to gain a competitive advantage by combining purpose with profits. We assess your business goals, as well as, your existing resources to customize a growth plan that helps you develop a profitable business you love.

There are no cookie-cutter models or theories because we know every entrepreneur can’t be made to fit in a box. In addition, you can count on us to equip you with free tools and resources to let you maintain your business growth without being co-dependent on us. It’s not that we don’t like you or want to get rid of you. It’s that we respect you and value your time and money.

If you are truly ready to build up your business, take a look at some of affordable service packages curated to help you get started.


You have a GREAT idea for a product or service and want to set yourself up for success before taking the plunge. You do not have a lot of time, money, or resources to invest in trying to figure it all out online (google, YouTube, and all the social media platforms). You want to cut through all the noise and create a clear path that delivers results.


You are done with struggling to build your business and tired of losing your time and money. You don’t need anyone to do the work for your business. You just need some advice to get on the right track and start seeing results.


You have already achieved some success but still need to work through some pain points (ex: monetize your business, revamp a marketing strategy, reduce cost).. You are ready to scale your business but you don’t want a one size fits all solution.

Starting at $2500

You need help with more than just an online presence and website development. You need a strategy that includes product and service diversification to give you a competitive advantage and increase revenue options.