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At Kandula International, we are dedicated to providing top-notch workshops that empower businesses and organizations to thrive. This page serves as your one-stop resource for all confirmed workshops, offering marketing materials, flyers, and preparation materials for your attendees. We strive to ensure that your experience with our workshops is seamless and successful.

Media Kit .

Below, you will find downloadable links to Roxana’s bio and her professional headshot. These resources are available for partner organizations and media outlets to use in promotions, collaborations, and event materials.

For any additional information or media inquiries, please contact us directly.

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Marketing Material .

We are providing links to Canva templates for easy customization and promotion. Click the icons below to gain access.

Attendee Information and Resources .

Copy and share this content with each attendee for maximum impact.

Maximize Your Workshop Experience

Please complete this prep work before the workshop to ensure a customized and valuable experience for everyone. You will also be given the option to have your business used as an example during the workshop.

Pre-Workshop Material

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